Here be dragons–and a lot more–at the Chinese New Year’s parade in Los Angeles 2015

Plaza entrance Chinatown Los Angeles
The entrance to the main plaza in Chinatown. The red lanterns are hanging there year ’round.

Happy Year of the Ram to you!  (The lucky numbers for this year are 3,4,9.)

The Chinese New Year parade, as always, was colorful and very local, unlike the Rose Parade in Pasadena which has a much more commercial/international flavor.

Yorba Linda High School band
The Yorba Linda high school band from the San Gabriel Valley, the true center of the Chinese community in Greater Los Angeles.

Neighborhood middle schools and, of course, high schools from the San Gabriel Valley–the true heart of the Chinese community in Los Angeles–marched and played with enthusiasm.  There was even a big marching band from Banning and a Jazz band and Second line representing New Orleans. And, of course, there were carloads of politicians.  Interestingly enough, the new Los Angeles County sheriff, Bill McDonnell, walked the entire route.  Charlie Beck, the head of LAPD, road in a black and white police convertible.

Here are some photos of the parade.  Tomorrow I’ll post photos of what was happening off the parade route and in the back alleys.  The people at parades are always interesting.

Chinese American historical society with flags
As always the Chinese American Historical Society were the official leaders of the parade. (Actually they followed the LAPD motorcycle drill team which cleared the route with their own performance.)
Chinese banners in parade
Following the American flags came the Chinese banners. I’m not sure what is written on them or what they represent.
Golden Dragon in parade 2015
The parade name is the Golden Dragon parade and here it is!
Red and pink dragons
Not to be outdone by the historic Chinatown, the cultural center of the San Gabriel Valley sent two dragons to the parade: one pink, one red.
Giant figures at lunar new year's parade Los Angeles
I have no idea what these colossal figures represent, but they are very colorful!  Note the little feet hanging down below the costume.  I’m not sure what that is all about.  Maybe a father carrying his son?
Miss Chinatown float 2015
What would a parade be without a queen on a float. Here is Miss Chinatown 2015 and her court.
confetti from party poppers
After the parade the streets were littered with colorful confetti from party poppers. The noise from the poppers must have driven the security people crazy.

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