Murals and Marches in downtown Los Angeles

Mural by Brantley DTLA
This wall had a mural on it back in 2008 which was painted over. Since then the wall remained blank.  Earlier this year this new bold mural by Hebru Brantley went up next to a parking lot near Second and Broadway.

On my way to the Bread Festival (see previous post) I came across a brand new mural near Second and Broadway and saw 3 other huge murals by the time I reached the Grand Central Market.  I love the murals on walls around the city and still miss seeing the Old Lady of the Freeway mural on a building next to the 101 freeway just north of downtown. It was painted out decades ago when the new owner of the building declined to pay an annual royalty to Kent Twitchell who painted the mural. Twitchell has since recreated an Old Lady mural on a wall at the Los Angeles Valley College, but it is slightly different. The old lady looks much more assertive in this new rendition.

But I digress…

Mural on parking structure 219 Broadway
This mural is actually a relief sculpture on the side of a parking structure.

Across the street from the new Brantley mural is an older mural that appears to have been sculpted into the wall of a parking structure when it was built.

As I walked along Broadway I came across 2 huge murals that, to judge from the art style, must have been done in the 1980s.

Then, arriving at the Grand Central market I saw a very vocal anti-Trump demonstration going on. For the first time I heard chants of “Lock Him Up” from the crowd marching up Broadway.  It was a smallish march, fewer than a thousand people I guess.

So here are some photos of this trip to downtown Los Angeles.

1980s murals DTLA
2 old murals on the wall of a building in downtown Los Angeles.  The mural on the right appears to be one of the many murals around Los Angeles created for the 1984 Olympic Games.
Anti-Trump ralley June 3
The crowd was shouting “Lock Him Up” as they marched up Broadway.
Having fun in DTLA
This little boy on his battery operated cart was tooling around the sidewalk just having fun.

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