South Pasadena’s Fourth of July parade

Dad and son waiting for paradeThe South Pasadena annual July 4th parade is called the ‘Festival of Balloons’ and this year the theme was something about honoring Route 66 which ran right through South Pas.

Fourth of July pancake breakfast
All the pancakes and sausages youi can eat plus melon.

The morning began with that All-American classic: the pancake breakfast at the local firehouse.

And while it was definitely a small town event, there wasn’t even a queen or a princess or a Statue of Liberty riding on a float, although I saw one ‘Uncle Sam’ walking by.

Head to toe stars and stripes
Stars and stripes shoes. Stars and stripes hat and shirt. She was in the spirit of the day!



Instead it was dozens upon dozens of Boy and Girl Scout troops and a lot of politicians riding in antique cars.  Only one mounted  group of riders were in the parade.  From the nearby Arroyo Seco stables, they brought up the end.

Here is some of what I saw.

Uncle Sam South Pasadena
‘Uncle Sam’ didn’t seem to be marching in the parade. Maybe he was part of the entertainment at Garfield Park where the parade ended.
South Pas high school band
The South Pasadena High School marching band in their official Festival of Balloons t-shirt uniforms.
Defeating the 710 tunnel
This group was celebrating the defeat of the 710 tunnel project. After decades of local opposition Cal Trans finally gave up on digging a tunnel under South Pasadena and Pasadena to extend the 710 freeway to the 210.
Poster Contest winners in woody
There is a poster contest every year in conjunction with the parade theme. This year’s winners rode in a classic surfers’ Woody.
Route 66 float
A float! I’m not sure what group sponsored it.


Preview of Rose parade float
We all got a sneak peek of the Rose Parade float for 2018 on the side of this truck.
DUDES dancing July 4th
DUDES stands for Dads Uniting Dads for Education and Service. They danced in front of the reviewing stand.
Arroyo Seco horses in parade (
Riders from the Arroyo Seco Stables came next to last in the parade. Fire engines were last.


South Pasadena bungalow 4th July 2017
The epitome of Americana. A South Pasdena bungalow with a flag on the front porch.

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