The Yoko Ono Wish Tree garden in Pasadena

Yoko Ono wishing trees
Two Crape myrtles stand on either side of the main path. They’ve been designated as ‘wish trees’

Inspired by Yoko Ono, a ‘wish tree’ garden is in the heart of the beautiful Arlington Garden in Pasadena. Two Crape Myrtle trees in full mid-summer bloom are ladened with wishes from people of all ages.  Seeing the wishes I was reminded of the wishes tucked in gravestones in Europe.  I was told it was an Italian custom.

Here are some of the wishes.

Daddy's return wish
I hope her Daddy returns safely, too.
Sisters farts wish
wish for ease and joy
A wish for happiness, peace and improved health for an aunt. That is definitely a universal wish!
wish for ease and joy
Was this wish placed here by someone philosophic?
Wish for socialist government
“I wish for a socialist government’ Maybe this writer is a Bernie Sanders supporter.
wish for responsible presidenet
One of only a very few political wishes. Most are personal and about family.
Arlington Garden Pasadena
Another view of Arlington Gardens where Crape myrtle trees line the pathways. There are Adirondack chairs tucked away in shady spots all over the garden. The Arlington Garden is open to everyone. No entry fee. 

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