Throwback to ’70s and ’80s arcade games at Retrocade in Union Station

Pac Man arcade game LA City Pix 2018

Imagine this challenge:  convert a train ticketing hall with 40 foot high ceilings into one of those dark digital game arcades from way back when.  Or convert the same space into a dark glittery discos from that same era.

Disco ball Union Station
A disco ball was hanging up high to remind people that this was supposed to be a disco. Sorta.

Well, it wasn’t quite as dark or as glittery as in the ’70s and ’80s, but the Retrocade Experience at Union Station was fun and free during this last weekend.  The music from that era was loud and the players focused on the games including some that were warming up for a Pac Man contest.

I’m not going to explain any more; just show you some photos.

Retrocade arcade games Union Station LACity Pix
The very first to enter got their pick of the 40 or so retro arcade games lined up around the Ticketing Hall at Union Station Los Angeles.  Within 5 minutes after this photo was taken every arcade game had a player.
Pac Man arcade game LA City Pix 2018
It cost $5 to enter the Pac Man contest which was conducted in the evening. During the day anyone could play and I bet that some ambitious gamers warmed up during the day for free.
Anti Social Social Club Retrocade LA City Pix
The shirt says it all!
Michael Jackson arcade game Union Station
Michael Jackson was really the archetype for the ’80s. His arcade game was tucked way back in a distant corner.  But notice the strip lighting!
Cruisn arcade game LA City Pix
An arcade game built for 2. Both Moms and Dads brought their children to this event.
Flirty muscle art arcade game LA City Pix
This tough guy stomping on a TV looked pretty flirty to me. Fun art!
Simpsons arcade game Retrocade Union Station
Among the first to enter, these 3 guys made a beeline for the old Simpson’s game.
Too short for arcade game LA City Pix
This boy had to look through the steering wheel of this arcade game.
I like the TV game better LA City Pix
One boy decided he wanted to play the early video games on a TV.




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