My name is Carol Lightwood. After a long career writing for a living I have fallen in love with street photography.  Most of the photos in this blog are new.  Some are ones I’ve taken in the past.  All the stories and photographs are of real people living in today’s greater Los Angeles — not the fictional L.A. created in the media.  I hope you enjoy them and subscribe to this blog!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. This blog is a lot of fun..I love the ice skaters using those blue things that look like walkers. I would love to try that.

  2. Greetings Carol,
    Your post about a bust in the “The Getty Villa” garden called my attention, thank you for the great quality picture.It is a replica of the original which now lies in Naples. The replica bust in the getty village garden simply says “A man”.

    His name was Publio Cornielio Scipio “the African”

    He was a hero general of the roman army who conquered northern africa with only two legions. He later died forgotten in a coastal town named Liternum. A very important figure in history,I invite you to read more about him, you will like it and you will stare into two thousand year old hero who did miracles with a gladius and ten thousand men.

    1. Thank you for the identification of the bust and the location of the original. Scipio certainly was a great general!

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