Registering voters and recruiting CSI at East LA College

Student registering to vote
This student registered to vote in time for the June primary election. The great majority of students told us they had already registered to vote.

For almost a century the League of Women Voters (LWV) has focused its efforts on registering voters.  Women, men, whatever party they prefer–they are actively encouraged to register to vote.

League of Women Voters
Volunteers from the Pasadena League of Women Voters.

And now young people age 16 and 17 are allowed to pre-register and be ready to vote when they turn 18.  This means that the LWV members are now visiting high schools around the nation registering prospective voters.

This week the LWV Pasadena Chapter set up a table in the plaza at East LA College on Wednesday and Thursday and here are some photos of what happened.

Recruiting CSI at East LA college
On Wednesday there were recruiters from over a dozen different police departments ranging from Santa Barbara to Anaheim. But the one booth that attracted the most attention was this one. They were not the only crime lab at the event, but they had the catchiest sign.
East LA College cheerleaders
Of course the cheerleaders turned out to support both the voter registration and the new ELAC Alumni Association.
The new ELAC Alumni Association had a table right next to the LWV. On day 2, Thursday, the school Mascot made an appearance to support their effort.



Playing games at East LA College
On Thursday it was all fun and games during the lunch break at East LA College. Wednesday had been much more serious.
Noon time fun at East LA College
Wow! When I went to college we didn’t have bouncy houses or games at noon. Once, I remember, we had a dance outdoors in the evening. Things have changed.




A Sunday stroll in Descanso Gardens near Los Angeles

Family at Descanso Gardens
A family in the Rose Garden part of Descanso. It is not rose season, but a few trees were in bloom.

Originally the Descanso Gardens was an estate where camellias and roses were grown commercially. The owners back then, Mr. and Mrs. Boddy, also replanted California oak trees after a wildfire burned through the property decades ago. Today we have to thank them for one of the most beautiful gardens in Southern California, now part of the Los Angeles Park system.

Wisteria at Descanso entryway
Wisteria plants grow along the pergola at the entry to Descanso Gardens. Their peak bloom has already passed.

Camellia trees still thrive as understory trees beneath the oaks. Roses from around the world still bloom in summer although they are gradually being replaced with more drought-tolerant plants. A garden of lilacs suitable for hot climates has been added, as has a Japanese garden.  And more.

Here are a few photos from my Sunday walk around the garden.

Admiring flowers Descanso rose garden
I am not sure which plants this couple were admiring, but most of the roses are really not yet in full bloom. Love the umbrella!


Foxgloves near the gazebo
The gazebo and nearby pavillion are often used for weddings. Foxgloves have replaced roses in this photo.
waterfalls Descanso Gardens
While there is a small natural lake in Descanso Gardens the streams that wind through the property and the small ponds are all fed by pumps.
spring grass oak woodlands
Every year for a few weeks in Spring all the hills in Southern and Central California flush with green grass, then as the heat builds the hillside begin to fade to a lovely golden brown as summer wears on.  Shady trails wind through the oak woodlands part of the gardens.
aeonium in bloom
If you look closely behind this Aeonium in bloom you will see the Canada goose paddling  around in the circular pool. The little lake at Descanso is nearby, but I guess the pool is more appealing to this goose.
Red poppies in rose garden
Roses are very thirsty plants so the powers that be at the Descanso Gardens are gradually replacing the roses with other plants like this poppy. It is not a California native, however, and can be a source of heroin.
California 'lilac' ceanothus
Called the “California Lilac” this Ceanothus “Ray Hammond” grows near the entry to the drought-tolerant California native plant garden. It is really not a lilac at all. There is, however, a true lilac garden at Descanso near the Japanese garden.


The Animation Expo in Burbank is a place for women illustrators, animators

Ruby Roth animation expo burbank fair 2018
Ruby Roth both writes and illustrates books for children, espousing the vegan diet.

The city of Burbank welcomed the Animation Expo four or five years ago. It is a free event to showcase the work of young animators and illustrators.

Mascot animation expo
This colorful character is the “mascot” for the Animation Expo.

It began as an open air fair adjacent to the long-running Burbank Art Fair and has grown every year.  In fact, it attracts more foot traffic than the Art Fair these days.

This year young women illustrators, designers, authors, animators and all-around artists were a significant presence.  Here are a few of them.

Aiysha Sinclair annimation expo burbank fair
Aiysha Sinclair wrote and illustrated her book, Brown Sugar Fairies.
Tara Wittaker animation
The people around Tara Whitaker’s booth seemed to be a study in teal, including the hair of one visitor.
Isabelle Gedigk annimation expo
Illustrator and storyboard artist Isabelle Gedigk standing beside a poster of a book she illustrated.
red skirt woman at animation expo (
The Animation Expo brings out people in colorful clothing.
blue haired woman animation expo
Not an animator. Not an illustrator, but I loved the way her blue hair matched her blouse.  Surprisingly, there were no leaves at all on the jacaranda trees that line San Fernando Blvd. where the expo was held.  No purple jacaranda blooms yet, either.


Summer Fair season gets going with the Burbank Art Street Fair

Rick Hunter handblown glass
I love hand blown glass and the vessels created by Rick Hunter are gorgeous..

I went this the Burbank Spring Art Fair with the intention of photographing people who attended, but decided to show some of the art for sale instead.

Children playing withbubbles
Little kids played with bubbles while one of those bubble machines ran in the background.

At the time I was there on Saturday there were relatively few people shopping at the fair — at least compared to the thousands who thronged the Burbank Fair ten years ago.

On the other hand, the Animation Expo–which will be in the next post–was very busy.  A generational thing, I guess.

carpet vases Burbank Art Fair
This is unusual! The artist cut up Persian carpeting and transformed the bits and pieces into vesselsShe’s on Istagram at Angela Art.
metal and rope sculpture
A metal and rope sculptured head.
Jazz man sculpture
I don’t know the name of the artist or the sculpture but to me it looks like “Jazz Man”.
Gourd Art by Johnson and Jones
The artist, Kay Jones, who created these masks told me she had planned to do gourd art handbags for 5 years, but has just kept on going with the addition of these fantastic masks.  She also sells gourd purses on etsy.


Metal Mountains wall art
The message in this metal wall art by Mountain Metals appeals to me.

The 19th Century Musicale is alive and well in Pasadena

Cello at Tuesday musicale On the first Tuesday every month at 12:30 p.m., you can travel back in time to an experience that would have been familiar to Jane Austen, Queen Victoria and other ladies of the 19th Century.  Members of the Tuesday Musicale of Pasadena perform classical music in the Wright auditorium at the Pasadena Library in a free recital. They even offer a modest ‘tea’ afterwards.

If you close your eyes, you can imagine refined ladies in long pastel dresses sitting around a drawing room while their talented friends–singers, pianists, cellists–perform works by Mozart, Bach, Offenbach and others.

I am marking this up as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, mostly because I am not a particular fan of soprano solos.

Cat duet by Rossini
Ruth Ridenour and Maria del Pilar Gomez performed a comic duet composed by Rossini, the same composer who brought you the theme song for the Lone Ranger.

This recital is one of several free concerts given monthly around Pasadena. I particularly like the concerts held on the third Saturday at 4 p.m. at the Methodist Church because it often features organ music which I like. The Presbyterian Church also offers free noontime concerts as well as evening ones.

Pasadena has from almost its beginning back in 1874 prided itself on being a cultural center. And, as I discovered in a corner of the main hall on my way to the recital, the Library has a longer history than I knew.

Pasadena Library model
Tucked into a corner in the main hall of the Pasadena Library is this model made by Rex Perry of an 1887 version of the Library. The current Central Library was built in 1927.
Back entrance Pasadena
Technically this is the back of the library but most people enter it from this parking lot.
Pasadena Central Library
The main hall of the Pasadena Central Library. All the doors on the left lead to the fiction stacks. It is a beautiful building–much better than that Victorian one above.
Donald Wright Auditorium
The Wright Auditorium where the monthly recital is held.



Edible dates hang heavy on the palm trees on Arroyo Parkway

Date palms arroyo parkway pasadena A few years ago the city of Pasadena changed trees in the center of the Arroyo Parkway, the city street at the end of the 110 freeway.  Out went the tall leafy trees and in came palms.  Date palms to be more precise.  And every year these palms produce huge amounts of dates, which, sadly, go uneaten by humans.  I think birds may feast on them.

Ripe dates on palm trees pasadena

Women’s March in Los Angeles, January 2018


womens March L A Cheeto bandido
I think there were more anti-Trump posters this year. And quite a few signs about #MeToo and #TimesUp.  There is an auction of celebrity black dresses  from the Golden Globe Awards on ebay for Time’s Up.  

City officials and Metro were expecting a larger crowd at the Women’s March this year and it may have been true. Unlike New York, Boston or Chicago, the weather was beautiful in Los Angeles: temperature in the low 60sF and clear skies and no circling helicopters which there had been last year.

Here are some photos.

Womens March Power to the Polls
Already 390 women are running for seats in Congress in the election this year.  And thousands more are running for state and local offices.  
Womens March 2018 ReSister Pershing Sq
I like the play on words of “ReSister”  on this sign I saw as the Women’s March Los Angeles was getting  started in Pershing Square.
Womens March Native American
Dressed as a Native American, the sign reads “Women’s Justice Juarez.” There were many men at this year’s march.
Womens March Handmaid in Metro
A Handmaid in the Metro station. Things could be far far worse for women in the U.S. as the Handmaid’s Tale reminds us.
3 friends at Womens March l.a.
3 friends. 2 pussy hats. Big smiles.
Womens March 2018 City Hall (
The crowd turned this corner and began to mass in front of the Los Angeles City Hall.  I noticed a sign for Kamala Harris in 2020.  Almost everyone was more concerned with voting in 2018.
womens march 2018 New Day (
I loved the spirit of a “New Day” coming for this group. I sure hope it is!
Womens March street vendor
As always there were a few street vendors selling hot dogs wrapped in bacon. This woman seemed to have a lot of vegetables on her grill.  The sign attached to the fence behind her is apt.